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One Choice, One Life

Choices Trilogy

You can read Book 1

A Choice of Vows

When Talus was chosen to serve a foreign king, he never realized the cost. It came to one choice: a promise to obey the king or a vow to protect the innocent.

Anna has been ripped from her home to serve her king. However when she stepped into his quest to destroy his memory of his love, she was forced to either deny her faith or defy her king.

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Disgruntled Reader: Now why would I give you my email, strange author person? What are you trying to do? Give me more characters to steal my heart?

Um…, well, yes. That would be correct. It’s okay. They all are nice characters, except the ones that are not….

Disgruntled Reader: Great. Just great. I’m leaving.

You can’t do that!

Disgruntled Reader: Why ever not? Because I am and you can’t prevent it!

But… it will make me sad…. Just one little email? Please? I’ll even give you a short story about a younger Talus and Dalus….

Please just one Little Email?

Yay! Thanks so much. Updates and short stories coming your way!

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