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Melothan Tales

Enter another time, another world

At the Heart of Nothing

Candles illuminated dark wood shelves filled with books and scrolls and loose parchment. In front of Charlion, his father watched him from neatly organized desk, only a few papers out of place. Probably whatever the king had been working on while waiting for Charlion. “Well?” “Nothing.” Sixteen-year-old Charlion tucked his hands behind his back. He…

The Great White Cat: A Dawning Light Special

“Peace, at least we’re at peace.” Charlion listened to his father talking with Sir Jalmor. “Aye, but how long can it last with Garia unstable?” “We are isolated from the mainland, Jal. I doubt King Liam considers us as either an ally or an enemy.” “Honestly, Fae, it’s not King Liam I’m worried about. The…


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